“30% of Buffalo” by Charmaine Wheatley
Year(s): 2006-09/2010
Numbered edition: 1250
44 full colour pages, offset printed interior.
3-colour letterpressed covers with tipped-in image.
Saddlestitch binding.
Publisher: Booklyn Artists Alliance
(Brooklyn without the "r") in Brooklyn, New York.
The 8th book in Booklyn's American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) award-winning
Another Booklyn Chapbook (ABC) series.
This bookwork was made possible by a generous donation from the Jerome Foundation.
Signed copies upon request.
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Charmaine Wheatley is a performance artist who has turned increasingly
to drawing and painting of a narrative nature.  "30% of Buffalo" features
intimate portraits of adult learners and tutors from Literacy Volunteers of
Western New York and Erie County whose stories provide insight into how
the ability to read can impact lives.

One in three residents of the City of Buffalo is functionally illiterate.
On a national level, between 41% and 44% of adults with the lowest literacy skills
live in poverty. 60% of prison inmates are illiterate. 76% of adults on public assistance
are illiterate or unable to read more than the simplest of texts.[1]
Given these startling statistics, illiteracy is undoubtedly a matter that
affects not only individuals, but our entire society.  Graphic novels
are affordable, portable, and thereby an accessible format for establishing
collective awareness and heightened visibility of artwork.

Captured through Wheatley's sequential drawings of "life observed" at Literacy Volunteers
are the socially devastating realities of illiteracy and its interrelationship with levels
of freedom, self-esteem, poverty, and crime. Beyond this expository function,
the book serves as an emotive testament to our ability to listen and empathize with
one another's personal experiences through recognition of our universal contention
for survival or, as the artist describes, "that feeling that makes us go RAWR."

- Written by Cori Wolff - Curator of Buffalo Arts Studios Galleries, Buffalo, NY

  [1] Literacy Volunteers of Buffalo & Erie County, Inc.  "Literacy Facts and Resources."  2009  

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